photos by Dan Taylor


Aug 28: Shadowlands @ SLO Brewing Company
New Times Music Awards - 8:00pm
1119 Garden Street, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

805-543-1843, Price: TBD
Our song "Restless Mind" from the upcoming debut album is in the running for a New Times Music Award this year.  We will also perform at the awards show!


July 19: Shadowlands @ Los Osos Valley Nursery, 
Los Osos Valley Road, Los Osos, CA 93402 
Price: free, 11am-6pm
Four of your favorite local groups in one luscious location!
Chill out and enjoy homemade stews, herbal teas, brunchies and free mimosas (21+)

June 21: Shadowlands @ SUMMER SOLSTICE at SLO Tracks.
More details to follow.

June 14: Shadowlands @ LIVE OAK MUSIC FESTIVAL
Live Oak Music Festival / Hot Licks Stage 9:00 AM
Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Rotary Bandstand in Heritage Square Park 
Nelson St. and S Mason St. Arroyo Grande, CA (805) 458-1241
1:00pm - 3:30pm. Price: Free.

May 30: Shadowlands @ THE PORCH CAFÉ
22322 El Camino Real, Santa Margarita, CA.
Price: Free - donations welcome!

May 24: Shadowlands @ STEYNBERG GALLERY
1531 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA.
7pm dinner, 8pm music, call for reservation (805) 547-0278
Price: $20 dinner and music, $12 music only if space permits

May 10: Karoline Hausted, Mark Davis, Julian Temple, Holly Ann Phillips & others
Songwriters At Play: A Tribute to Wendy Liepman.
710 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA.

May 3: Shadowlands
SOPA, Hope Street, South Pasadena, CA
Price: No cover charge - Donations welcome

April 27: Bob & Wendy with Karoline Hausted
5595 North River Rd, Paso Robles, CA. 4pm.
Price: see event website
St. James' annual BBQ and concert at the old west equestrian venue just north of Paso.

Apr 19: Shadowlands @ STEYNBERG GALLERY
1531 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA.
7pm dinner, 8pm music, call for reservation (805) 547-0278
Price: $20 dinner and music, $12 music only if space permits

March 15: Shadowlands: STEYNBERG GALLERY, 1531 Monterey St
San Luis Obispo, CA. 7:30pm, suggested donation $10.

Feb 22: Shadowlands: STEYNBERG GALLERY, 1531 Monterey St
San Luis Obispo, CA. 7:30pm, suggested donation $10.

Feb 14: D'ANBINO VINEYARD & CELLARS, 7:30pm. Price: $10.
710 Pine Street, Paso Robles, CA.
Steve Key presents a Valentines Special with Boys & Girls and Shadowlands.

Jan 18: Shadowlands: STEYNBERG GALLERY, 1531 Monterey St
San Luis Obispo, CA. 7:30pm, suggested donation $10.

Jan 12: Shadowlands: LINNAEA'S CAFÉ, Big Variety Night.
6:00pm. 1110 Garden St., San Luis Obispo

Past shows 2013:

Dec 14: Shadowlands: BROKEN EARTH WINERY, 1pm-4pm,
Free admission, 5625 HIGHWAY 46 EAST, Paso Robles, CA.
Nov. 16: Shadowlands: ANNUAL AWAKENING FUNDRAISER, 1130 Napa St. Morro Bay. Details TBA.
Oct. 26: Shadowlands: THE SEASIDE CAFÉ. Shell Beach. 6-8pm.
Oct. 24: Shadowlands: STEYNBERG GALLERY, SLO. (Central Coast Bioneers Conference)
Oct. 12: Shadowlands: THE WISE OWL, 2164 Center St, Cambria, CA. 6.00-9.00pm
Oct. 11: Shadowlands: BODY+BALANCE, Monterey St., SLO. Open House celebration. 6pm.
Oct. 4: Karoline Hausted: HUMANKIND Fair Trade Store, 982 Monterey Street, SLO, CA. (Art After dark)
Sept. 29: Karoline Hausted: SCULPTERRA WINERY, Paso Robles. 1:40pm.
Sept. 22: Shadowlands: LINNAEA'S CAFÉ, 1110 Garden St. SLO. Big Varity Night.
Sept 20: Karoline Hausted & Mark Davis: THE BARREL ROOM, Atascadero, CA.
Sept 14: CREEKSIDE FOLK FESTIVAL, The Sunken Garden, East Mall Creekside Atascadero, CA. w/ Mark Davis, Bob & Wendy. 2.45pm
Sept. 7: Karoline Hausted: Vines on the Marycrest, 5076 Mustard Creek Rd. Paso Robles Starts at 1pm, I play at 3.25pm
Aug 31: Sculpterra Winery, Paso Robles, CA. 7.00 PM w/ Mark Davis and Bob & Wendy.
Aug 24: Steynberg Gallery, Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo, CA. w/ Mark Davis and Bob & Wendy. Suggested donation $10.
Aug 17: Laetitia Winery, 453 Laetitia Vineyard Drive, Arroyo Grande California 93420. 1-4pm. Presented by:
Aug 10: dA center for the Arts: 252-D South Main Street, Pomona, California. 8pm. Opening reception for Danish painter Jan Jensen:
July 28: White Heron Sangha / Unity Church, SLO, CA
July 18: Shell Café, Pismo Beach, CA.
June 22: Alegria Wine & Ware, SLO, CA. w/ Mark Davis, Bob & Wendy Liepman and other songwriters. 4:00 pm
May 18: Le Cuvier Winery, 3333 Vine Hill Ln. Paso Robles, CA. 7:30 pm

Denmark 2013
*Double concerts with Mark Davis (US)
Maj 4, Hvalsø, Huskoncert* (privat arr.)
Maj 3, Møn, Huskoncert* (privat arr.)
Maj 2, København, Huskoncert* (privat arr.)
April 29, København, Huset Magstræde +BAND, kl 21:00, dør 20:00, entré 75
April 28, København, Råhuset, kl 21.00, Featured act.
April 27, Århus, Løves Bogcafé +BAND, Nørregade 32, kl 13-16,  CD & Bog reception.*
April 25, Hedensted, Huskoncert* (privat arr.)
April 24, Stenderup, Huskoncert* (privat arr.)
April 23, Kolding, Godset, +BAND, Release event,19:30, dør kl 19, w/ Nana Jacobi og Mak Davis (US)
April 21, Herning, Kulturblenderen, kl 19:30, Solo. Double concert w/ Chris Barron (US)

April 13, 5:15pm, Alegria Wine&Ware - San Luis Obispo, CA
April 7, 3pm, Sculpterra Winery - Paso Robles, CA
April 5, 6pm - no cover, Steynberg Gallery - San Luis Obispo, CA



August 2014: On the Shadowlands front we’re having a great time bringing songs to life in the studio, getting closer and closer to our debut album being a reality. We have also gotten the exciting news that our song ”Restless Mind” which has been rotating on this summer is in the running for a New Times Music Award, nominated best song in the open category. Thumbs up and big thanks to New Times and Glen Starkey as well as KCBX for supporting us in the local music scene. I feel appreciated and welcomed!!

Summer 2014: June and July went by so fast and I am still in the middle of an intense writing camp revisiting my first year as a newbie in LA/California (I am still new, believe me, but this first year was particularly eventful and mind challenging and a great source for prose.. I think). The songwriting is in progress, three new songs are in loving care in the studio, and after years of playing on my own and recording by myself it is bliss to be working with other real musicians – alive, inspiring and giving. Damon Castillo is chief engineer on these productions, and is adding his discreet but very fine-tuned touch as well. At the end of September I hope to have a master plan that can guide you to the project home where both writings and music can be found – it will probably be on a separate website. If you wish to be notified, send me an email, thanks :

May 2014: Summer is around the corner and I am headed to the studio with Shadowlands to record our debut album. I’m also headed into a new project, which I can’t reveal completely in details yet! The overall idea is: songs accompanied by writings over the span of a year, 12 tracks released one month at a time. I have booked studio sessions, and come to think about it, this is the first time ever, that I have a studio on hand not knowing exactly what I’m going to record!
The desire is to put into music and words what I experienced the first year right after migrating to California from Denmark. I hope you will come along with me on this journey. More to come!

April 2014: Today, April 17, Shadowlands and I have launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our debut album. A year’s hard work – songwriting, performing and promoting – has given results we can only be proud of: Festival bookings and Radio airplay. Our first studio single “Sunlight Support” will premier on KCBX this evening. Tune in at 6:30pm.  Now for the Kickstarter, watch this video and let us tell you about the project:

Shadowlands - Debut Album. Let's make it happen

We are going to make a fantastic, dreamy, folky album – and I would so love you to become a part of it. Every contribution makes a difference, and I want to thank you in advance for your help; for even considering supporting our project!

March 2014: March already?! Wow, time flies ... These first months of the year always tend to absorb me into new ideas, project making, writings, recordings... All the good stuff that drags me out of bed in the morning ;-) Our Shadowlands website is up and running, and from now on all band activities will be updated there: Take a look at our blog or see fun pictures from the studio! As always you can get more detailed updates about my whereabouts, what, when & whys here.

January 2014: Happy New Year! I'm heading into a busy spring with Shadowlands. We have begun a monthly residency at the Steynberg Gallery in SLO, which gives us the opportunity to perform the new songs that just keep coming! At one of these shows we will have the new EP, which is currently in production by Damon Castillo and the band. There will also be a short companion video by Barry Goyette that features the song ‘Shadowlands’ in addition to
studio footage and interviews.

November 2013: My book "Vægtløs igen" - a collection of photographs and Danish poetry -  is out now! Here is a little film I made about it, which also contains NEW music from a coming album. To order the book please write me at or order from the web shop under the MUSIC menu.

October 2013: New co-writes emerge on a weekly basis and recording sessions with Shadowlands have begun! We are in the very good hands of studio owner and producer Mr. Damon Castillo. Can't wait for you to hear this stuff. Stay tuned...

September 2013: the collaboration between me, Bob & Wendy Liepman and Mark Davis now has an official name. We are: Shadowlands. See calendar for upcoming shows!

August 2013: Premiering new co-writes with Wendy Liepman and Mark Davis and cello arrangements by Bob Liepman this Saturday (Aug 24) at Steynberg Gallery, SLO. Hope to see you there!!

July 2013: I'm getting visitors from Denmark. Not much time for music - we're going whalewatching... :)

June 2013: I'm working away on finishing the recordings for the album and book that will come out this September. Video post will soon follow...

May 2013: Back safe and sound in SLO town. Connect with me on Facebook (bottom of this site) and see pictures from our recent concerts in Denmark! Thanks to each and all of you who came to the shows, for your support and generosity.

April 2013: My new album “ECHOES” is out now! Watch the latest video single HERE directed by Dan Taylor. Stay tuned for my Denmark tour and other live dates in the Central Coast California area.

January 2013: I am happy to announce the first single “Time in Mind” from my forthcoming album Echoes is out now and has been playlisted on Danish national radio! Watch the video HERE , produced by Bryan Sandlin. Echoes will be released in April 2013. Stay tuned for more singles and videos before the release!

November 6th 2012: Wow, this is exciting!
I have been nominated "Danish Female Artist of the Year" by the Danish music magazine GAFFA. Want to help me win this? Please go to their WEBSITE and put a vote in for me! Also the song “Alarm” from my recent album “Jeg Tror Jeg Drømmer” has been nominated for a Danish Folk Music Award in the category "Track Of The Year"! LISTEN HERE

May 18th 2012: My 2012 release is a compilation of 10 songs in Danish that I have written and recorded since 2001. The album is titled “Jeg Tror Jeg Drømmer”. It is released worldwide via Songcrafter Music , digitally only. Available here: Amazon and iTunes

May 5th 2012: I'm playing at the “Eclectic Music Festival” in South Pasadena CA. See website for more details.

May 2nd 2012: I'm playing at Firefly Bistro, South Pasadena CA.

March 2012: It's movie time! 3 of my songs - “Trouble”, “Double Silence” and “Desert Drive” are featured in Bryan Sandlin's movie the The End of Our Lives which premieres in Hollywood at the “All Things Festival”. The film can be purchased here.

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